... is professional supplier of founded information for all ranges of the technology, the commercial right protection, for research and development as well as for marketing.

Information Providing / Information Management

TEPAC grants access to all desired ranges of the international information offers to you by on-line searches and conventional searches in public sources and a wide range of own documentations.
Skilled searchers prepare your topics for the search and evaluate the results to the extent wished by you: from the supply of a computer print out up to a technical-economical study.

Our Scope of Services

Carring out of Searches in literatur and patent databases as well as in original literatur

Evaluation of Search Results:

Monitoring of publications of patent- and utility models :

Own documentation

Beside the access to the most important hosts with more than 1.000 professional databases andof course to the internet databases TEPAC has an own collection of

This offers the possibility for the short term evaluation of determined search results.
The documentation from more than 7,000 customer searches over 20 years search activity within the range of technologies and commercial legal protection offers out-struggle-ends possibilities for the computerized processing of your inquiries.

Quality assurance

For the former  TEPAC GmbH we had devolped a system for quality management for carrying out customer searches. With the liquidation of the GmbH the certificartion has run out - but the Know-how is still active.